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Founded in 1971, NatureBridge provides environmental science programs for students in the world’s best classrooms—our national parks. Our mission is to connect young people to the wonder and science of the natural world, igniting self-discovery and inspiring stewardship of our planet. As the largest residential education partner of the National Park Service, NatureBridge serves more than 35,000 students and their teachers each year.


NatureBridge Video Series

Enjoy some videos that capture the transformative experiences that NatureBridge has to offer. For more videos like this, visit the NatureBridge Channel on YouTube. 

Pools at Lower Yosemite Falls

Pools at Lower Yosemite Falls

Yosemite is Our Backyard

This program is specifically tailored for the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of Yosemite area community members. Participants explore Yosemite Valley and Crane Flat with our experienced educators. Days are filled with learning, games, group challenges, exploration and hiking.

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the national environmental science center at henness ridge

Construction is underway on NatureBridge's new Henness Ridge campus -- the National Environmental Science Center at Yosemite (NESC). When complete, the first phase of construction will allow us to open the doors to the first 60+ beds.

The center integrates the latest design and energy efficiency concepts to provide a model of sustainability that, with 100% universal access, will allow all participants to interface with the next level of experiential education. From stunning buildings to the backdrop of Yosemite National Park, our state-of-the-art campus will provide the space, tools, and technology for participants to create new educational benchmarks. We are thrilled to share in this adventure with NatureBridge participants as we gear up to explore trails and discover this historically and ecologically rich area of Yosemite!

Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park


From coastal cliffs to granite peaks, our six national park locations make us the largest overnight environmental education partner of the National Park Service.

Golden Gate: Just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area sits historic Coastal Miwok land and modern day Marin Headlands. 

Olympic: Home to alpine ridges, temperate rainforest, and rugged coastline, Olympic National Park boasts three stunning, distinct ecosystems. Amidst it all, the NatureBridge campus sits on the shore of glacially-carved Lake Crescent.  

Prince William Forest: Tucked away in the largest green space of the DC Metro Area is a hidden world of tall trees and clear streams. Prince William Forest Park provides a unique learning haven for our students. 

Santa Monica Mountains & Channel Islands: Rugged mountaintops, fresh saltwater spray, and breathtaking views — only miles from Los Angeles, yet worlds away from the indoor classroom.

Yosemite: In the heart of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, Yosemite National Park is home to one of the world’s most striking and iconic views — towering granite domes, gushing waterfalls, and diverse habitats provide the perfect setting for hands-on environmental science education.