partners and affiliates

Yosemite is a multi-cellular organism. The various park organizations have a
symbiotic relationship and each plays a key role in the function of the park.


yea - yosemite employee association

The Yosemite Employee Association, or YEA, is a non-profit organization open to all employees who work or live in Yosemite and its surrounding areas. The goal of YEA is to build morale and a sense of community by finding ways for us to stand beside one another outside of our work setting. Monies raised by fundraising events are used to support employees of the Yosemite area, their families, and the community. YEA holds four annual events- St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Spring Fling, Oktoberfest, and Winter Social- along with organizing the bi-monthly Sal's Taco nights in El Portal. Come join the fun at any of these events!

balanced rock logo.jpg

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock is Yosemite’s premiere health and wellness resource. Operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit since 1999, Balanced Rock offers yoga, meditation, healing and nature exploration to visitors and locals, who appreciate Yosemite National Park as a World Heritage Site and a sacred place on our Earth. Balancing inward reflection with the outward exploration of the natural world, Balanced Rock offers courses and retreats which are available to all levels of experience and backgrounds.

Join us in the wilderness this year to cultivate holistic health and wellness, rejuvenate yourself and transform your life!

Yosemite Valley Library and Girls Club

Yosemite Valley Library and Girls Club

park library branches

How to get a library card:

You need a PO Box for Mariposa County in the Valley or El Portal.

Come into the library during business hours to fill out a short form.

Once you have a library card, you can order books from all over
the county from the County library website.

Serving the Yosemite N.P. community with access to
Mariposa County Library System and
San Joaquin Valley Library System access.
Tue: 12-5, Wed:10-4, Th: 10-2  

Free Internet and Wi-Fi

Phone:(209) 372-4552
Available during business hours only.

Inside Yosemite Valley Child Care Center

Inside Yosemite Valley Child Care Center

yosemite valley and El Portal CHildcare centers

Our organization’s purpose, as stated in our by-laws, is to provide safe, organized child care facilities, educational programs, and activities for the children of those employees of Yosemite National Park and those employees who work for organizations affiliated with Yosemite National Park. Further, we promote, develop, and/or support other activities and resources that provide safe, educational, and healthy programs for children in Yosemite National Park and El Portal.

Our philosophy is to nurture each child to allow him/her to mature and develop at his/her own pace in all areas. This approach encourages social-emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. In all we do, we recognize we are helping families lay a strong foundation in each child’s life that will prepare him or her for the future.    

la conte.jpg

sierra club - yosemite heritage conservation center
formally the le conte memorial

The Sierra Club has operated the iconic Yosemite Conservation Heritage Center as a public education and visitor center since 1904. We promote the conservation ethic through public programs, educational displays, a library, and programs for kids and families.


el portal market

Welcome to El Portal Market! As the last stop before Yosemite National Park, it’s our goal to provide you with everything you need to enjoy your outdoor adventure. We have so many great plans for improving the amenities available at the market over the following months and years. 

yca 3.jpg

Yosemite Climbing Association

The Yosemite Climbing Association is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and protecting Yosemite climbing history and making it available for public interpretation.

Every year, the YCA partners with the National Park Service and multiple industry sponsors to host Facelift, a service event during which volunteers clean up Yosemite National Park and promote climbers' and visitors' stewardship of Yosemite and our beloved public lands.

winter club crop.jpg

Winter Club

Today, the Yosemite Winter Club is comprised of hundreds of members who share enjoyment of winter sports in Yosemite. The Winter Club remains tightly linked with the National Park Service and Yosemite’s primary concessionaire, Aramark.

The purpose of this club is to foster regional amateur and recreational Nordic and Alpine snow skiing, snowboarding, skating competitions and events, while supporting and developing amateur athletes and recreational winter sport enthusiasts for such competitions and events.

Valley School.jpg

Yosemite schools

Yosemite Park High School is located in El Portal (it only has about 7 students).
Mariposa County High School in Mariposa is where most of the kids go, but people can link to that site from either of the two elementary school sites.  Our principal, Sean Jacobs, is also principal of the El Portal schools, so we're usually lumped together with them.