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What We Do

Yosemite Conservancy is Yosemite National Park’s primary philanthropic partner. Founded in 1923, The Conservancy was the first philanthropic organization in the world to formally partner with the National Park Service.  We inspire people to preserve the park and we enrich the visitor experience. Our donors have funded $119 million in grants for trail and habitat restoration, wildlife management, historic preservation and other high-priority efforts in Yosemite, resulting in more than 600 completed projects to date. Our bookstores, Outdoor Adventures, art workshops, theater shows and volunteer programs create enriching experiences for park visitors of all ages, in every season.

Any Yosemite National Park employees can attend our art classes, theater shows,
and outdoor adventures for free (as space allows). 
Employees also receive a 10% discount in any of our park bookstores,
that are located in visitor centers throughout the park. 

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Art classes

Did you know as a resident of Yosemite you can take free art classes with the
Yosemite Conservancy? (As space allows)

2019 Daily art class schedule

Classes are held Monday through Saturday, 10am-2pm. Please arrive early to purchase materials and supplies. All classes will meet and depart from the Happy Isles Art and Nature Center, located up the paved trail from shuttle stop 16. Classes are held outside when weather and media are permitting.

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Enjoy theater performances and films inspired by Yosemite! After a day filled with exploring, relax and take in a show at the Yosemite Theater. From April through October, the Yosemite Theater presents a variety of experiences, including plays based on some of the park’s most colorful characters, inspiring films, and celebrations of Yosemite’s culture and history.


outdoor adventures

If you’re looking for the best thing to do in Yosemite, join a Yosemite Conservancy Outdoor Adventure! Our naturalist guides have lifetimes of Yosemite experience and insider knowledge.

Join us for backpacking treks, day hikes, photography workshops, bird-watching tours and discover Yosemite’s “hidden gems” with our expert naturalist-guides. We work hand-in-hand with the park to create unforgettable experiences. 

Enjoy a day program with the Conservancy (as space allows).